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The Voice 2019

So many people have asked me why haven’t I ever tried out for singing contests and usually the answer was because the audition dates or locations would not work for me… until now.

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine told me that Chicago would host auditions for The Voice and I knew I had to go. I was extremely nervous but also very excited. I registered and my audition was set up for Saturday June 22nd. at 7AM. After so many lines, registration and waiting, I had my chance to sing at 12:30pm. After I sang and the judge would congratulate everybody for being there, I heard her say my name. I was beyond happy and could not believe it when I got my red ticket with my name on it.

I had to come back on Sunday for the 2nd round of auditions at the Chicago Recording Company to sing in front of another judge and record a video of me singing. I was not allowed to take any pictures while being there or share anything to my social media but I had the chance to see a couple of recording rooms and Chance The Rapper was there and wished me luck.

Unfortunately, I did not pass the 2nd round but I feel blessed to have been part of it, I met amazing people and I learned so much from everybody. I absolutely loved every second of it and I definitely have to add this weekend to one of the most exciting ones in my life, so far.

Last but not least, I want to say THANK YOU to everybody that follows me, sending me good vibes and wishing me the best. I will never give up, I will keep working hard for my dreams until I make them come true. Music is my life and I will keep going, no matter how hard the obstacles are or how many people try to stop me.

- Sophie

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